Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome (Hoş geldiniz) to the 2012 Art & Essay Winners' Trip Blog

Hello (Merhaba),

 The 2012 Global Connections Art & Essay Contest challenged students to submit pieces under the theme "1 Billion Hungry in the World: What's Your Role?" This blogsite has been created for family and friends of this year's Global Connections Art & Essay Contest winners to keep up to speed with the goings-on of the winners' trip as the students and their sponsoring teachers traverse Turkey and discover the culture and history of such a diverse and interesting place. For Turkey is East of the West, West of the East and ancient yet modern - truly a very unique and beautiful nation!

  This year's trip will be led by three Group Leaders: 1) Burak Turkman, MA, 2) Jessica Winslow, MA (Program Coordinator, Istanbul Center), & 3) Sophia Rashid (Academic Intern, Istanbul Center).

 Make sure to check in daily as we detail each day's activities along the way! This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and we are very excited for you to share in the experience.

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