Sunday, June 17, 2012

Istanbul, round 2

Annnnd we are back in Istanbul!

Last night at 9:50 we caught a flight in from Kayseri after a long and wonderful day in Kapadokya.

After a pleasant breakfast this morning, we headed out for a long Bosphorus Boat Tour. We boarded the boat around 10am and were cruising all day - taking in the sights from both the European and Asian sides of the city, not to mention stopping for lunch in a fantastic little neighborhood (in which we bought souvenirs, ate lunch and to Redding's, Laura's, and my delight, played with a whole litter of kittens!) along the Black Sea, and meeting new friends all along the way - until around 5:30pm!

Once we disembarked from the boat, we walked along the Galata Bridge to the Taksim Square area. Taksim Square is famous for its shopping and goings-on. It is rather like the Times Square of Istanbul. We had a wonderful time walking traipsing through the streets and side alleys and taking in all of the sights, including the famous (historic and historic) Galata Tower.

Dinner was sumptuous. We ate in the Fatih District at Yildiz Saray Restaurant. While eating, Redding spotted an intensely cute young cat which proceeded to join us for our meal and not only sit in both Adriana and Laura's laps but give them kisses!

The group was very happy to head back to our hotel early tonight, arriving back before 9:00pm for once. It is wild to think that we only have 2 more full days in Istanbul (and Turkey) - we are going to make them count!!!

Pre-boat tour shot!

Brianna and Adriana

Dolmabahce Palace

The Asian side of Istanbul


15th-century castle

Adriana taking in a view of the Black Sea from the Bosphorus

Tickle fight!

Souvenir shopping

View from the restaurant in which we ate lunch

New friends :)



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