Thursday, June 14, 2012

Next city!

About an hour ago we arrive safely at our hotel -the Tac Mahal - in Ankara after a 7+ hour bus ride.

It has been a very busy day!

We started with breakfast at the hotel in Istanbul before departing for Topkapi Palace. We were able to see the second largest/most expensive jewelry collection in the world there along with many other treasures and exceedingly beautiful sights not only within the palace grounds but also along the Bosphorus!

We then enjoyed lunch at Tamara restaurant, in which our third Group Leader Sophia Rashid (Academic Intern, Istanbul Center) finally joined the group.

After lunch we went to the world famous Blue Mosque followed by the Aya Sofya. The students were amazed by both, especially the latter which was finished being constructed after only 5 years and 10 months in the year 537 CE!

We are obviously very tired at this point but very excited for the first of two days here in Ankara tomorrow! We will keep you posted... :^)

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